Astran Cargo Services

Specialising in overland, air and sea freight to Middle East, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and the C.I.S countries, Asia, Europe.

Tel: +44 (0)1622 716441
Direct dial: Jan – +44 (0)1622 711108

Astran has delivered consignments to all corners of the globe for over 50 years. A hugely respected, highly reliable and well known freight forwarding and transportation operation based in the South East of England, it prides itself on offering exceptional customer service for every customer’s consignment, small, medium or large.

Our Approach

Astran and its sister companies Lema and ExpressPoint have true global reach. We have a culture of ‘Everything, Everywhere’. And we relish the challenge of delivering to the more demanding destinations. Our pioneering founders started with overland truck deliveries to Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States during the early years of oil and gas exploration.

It’s a tradition that we continue. But now we are multi modal and can reach all markets of the world. We’ve lived and breathed forwarding for decades. That’s why we’re confident that the Astran family of companies can help you

With the advent of “Brexit” and the inevitable changes in how international business is conducted, there is never a better time to rely on the vast experience of a long-established, caring company like Astran.

Read the Astran Story

There is also a much sought after Astran Biography called The Long Haul Pioneers.

Ashley Coghill’s celebration of Astran and its drivers covers an astonishing and hugely entertaining story of a business that is dedicated to customer satisfaction. In this easy read, he interviews many of the people involved in Astran’s rise to its legendary reputation. The photos and anecdotes will bring a smile of appreciation.

The book is currently out of print following an amazing run of 12,000 copies, but is still available on Amazon and eBay